Spend a relaxing day in the beautiful and scenic Yarra Valley. Famous for it's wines but also for a bushland haven for Australian wildlife, known as the Healesville Sanctuary.

Have a personal experience on an intimate private tour, of up to a maximum of 4 people only.

The tour gives you the chance to discover the iconic Australian animals such as koalas, kangaroos, wombats, platypus and much more in a native bushland setting, so you're surrounded by nature.

In the afternoon, you can visit a winery or two, to get a taste of some of the best wines in the country.

It's a fully customisable tour, so if you feel like spending more time at the Sanctuary, then you can have lunch at the cafe inside. However, if you feel like having an a la carte lunch at one of the wineries then that can be arranged. Your guide, Jay, will explain the differences in menu and wineries on the day.

The entry fees for the Healesville Sanctuary is included, however lunch is not included, because of the options available. Wine tastings are extra too.

Depending on time, we could also visit the Yarra Valley Chocolate Factory for dessert.

The tour vehicle can seat a maximum of 3 adults comfortably, but it’s also possible to have a group of 4 people, but the middle seat at the back of the vehicle would suit a young person or someone lean. Great for a family of 4 with kids.

The price for the fourth person is FREE.

The tour starts at 9.30 am and finishes around 4.30 pm, so there no early starts or late finishes.

Pick up can be done at the place of stay if it is in the city, or on the north side of the city. Otherwise a central pick up location is in front of St Pauls Cathedral in the city. While making the booking you can request for a pick up at your accommodation.


The tour begins at the convenient time of 9.30 am. Normal pickup location is in front of St Pauls Cathedral in the city. Since this is a private tour, customers can be picked up from their place of stay, if it is in the city itself, or on the north side of the city.

You’ll be travelling in a comfortable 5 seat vehicle. Please note, if there is a fourth person in the group, then they will need to squeeze between the 2 people in the back seat. The price of the fourth person is FREE.

We then drive out of the city to make our way to the Yarra Valley, which is roughly an hour and fifteen minutes away. While we are on the way, Jay will explain the itinerary and explain the differences in the wineries.

At this point you can decide whether you would like to spend more time at Healesville Sanctuary and have lunch in the cafe inside, or have an a la carte lunch at one of the wineries. Lunch bookings will need to be made in the morning, in case the restaurants get booked out.

Our first stop will be Healesville Sanctuary, where you will be guided in such a way that you can spend more time looking at the iconic animals that Australia is famous for.

At 12.00 noon, there is a wonderful show at the Sanctuary called the Spirits of the Sky, showcasing the great birds of prey and the flamboyant range of parrots in the country.

If you have decided to stay longer at the Sanctuary then we can have lunch at the cafe inside. If not, we will make our way to the winery of choice, where you can have lunch and wine tasting after. Depending on how you are feeling, we could visit another winery if there is time.

For those who have chosen to stay at the Sanctuary longer, we can visit one or two wineries in the afternoon for wine tastings.

There’s flexibility around wineries, and if time permits we can visit the Yarra Valley Chocolate Factory for chocolates and ice cream.

At around 3.30pm, we’ll make our way back to the city, so that we can be back around 4.30pm.

$180 per Adult

$150 PER CHILD (4-15 yrs)